Wednesday, May 29, 2013

Januari 2013 till now....

Hi, I'm back with what I've done from January till now May 2013. Still as part of what I did in the year I did not posted.....
If you visit my blog, I love to hear from you. If you have any question, just askkkkk....
OOhh I love my Cricut and Cuttlebug!!! You too???

A 5 minute money holder (forgot to take a pic at home so in the car my daughter did it, lol)

Another Money holder, wedding of Mr and Mrs C. (pic token a  month later)

The Monkeys for the Cupcakes

Magnet photo frames boy and girl,
all the kids got one in their bag.

Decorated white paper bags with the monkey's and dots.

See the wall decoration: The Birthday Boy banner (storybook),
 Monkey faces and the table with the bags and cakes
The Birthday Girl banner. (storybook)
A Love congratulations card.

During my vacation in Orlando, Florida in March/April 2013
 I visited of course Michaels and Jo-Ann (don't have them here in Curacao),
See for you self :) what I bought....$$$$$$$$$. Yeah a lot of clothes too.
Shop till you drop.....$$$$$$

SHOPPING who did not love it??

Two Boxes, (Artiste) for mother day's presents.

Scrapbook album (the front), as a present to the pastor,
 form all the kids that did their Holy first Communion.
Sorry but I can only show you the 2 pages without their pics.

The first page of the first group.

This is the first page for the second group in the same album.

OOOHHHH I went crazy with this Haul:
Cricut Midnight Madness past April.

A 4" by 4" best wishes card for a student...

Bookmarkers for my kids... Yes I have a boy and a girl!!

Monday, May 27, 2013

One year.....

Wow a year past by so fast.
But in the past year I was active with my Cricut, Cuttlebug, paper stocks, stamps etc. Here a part of what I've done from May to December 2012. I made 3 albums too, but for privacy reasons I cannot show them.

Thank you Card for my lovely friend Emmy from Holland for
sending me some very cute stamps.

Money Holder, Happy Birthday J. oh happy day.

Mmm chocolate wrap with a tag.
Money Holder I Do.
Wedding invitation Card. < I made 300 of them>

Wedding cake box. <250 pc>
Using the Artiste cartridge and the d'vine emboss folder

Advice Card Bride and groom......
"just" printed and stamped.<350 pc>

Congratulations Card to the Bride and Groom.

On the Wedding day!!
Look how nice they decorated "my" cake boxes on the tables.

Small x-mas purses filled with chocolate
and a special winter thee.

x-mas tags as a order for bottle of wines to their clients.